Quality Policy

The Termoidraulica Vitali Company, has always pursuits the satisfaction of their customers through their own business. In addition, through the development of a Quality Management System, aims to streamline business process by different methods of working and communication and to describe the activities that govern the exchange of information between customer and company.
The management has decided to direct its action by identifying the following priorities and business objectives, wich are here below summarized:

  • Maintaining a Business Management System according to UNI EN ISO 9001:08;
  • Offering a wide range of services so as to became the benchmark for the customers;
  • Aiming to technological innovation and the use of more advanced techniques, and keeping up to date by participating in training courses;
  • Focusing on quality and reliability, using high quality products;
  • The word of mouth from customers is the main tool for promoting the company trying to leave a very positive image as a result of the finished work;
  • Respecting the time and delivery terms agreed with the customer, paying particular attention on the planning of each contract;
  • Improving continually the effectiveness of the quality management.

The management is committed to practice this policy for quality, providing the resources and conditions necessary for its implementation, ensuring regular reviews to verify the actual performance and the achievement of the aims. Quality aims, are verifiable in the medium term, concerning and engaging all the activities of the various process responsible, wich are each time defined and controlled during their implementation during the review of the Quality.