50 Years of activity is our guarantee

Vitali Thermohydraulic work in the thermal, hydraulic, and electric sector since 50 years;
clients satisfaction and high standard quality is their major aim. The experience, the professional
competence and the interest to updated technology, allows the Company to offer updated technological solutions and new generation equipment for their clients.

The Company, composed of 3 partners and 8 workers, all having the necessary qualification and experience which are the features that allows us to carry out the work perfectly within a short time. Technological development and current state of requirements lead us to work more and more with alternative energy, installing modern boilers with low condensation and low release of Co, fitting solar panels and using underground energy.


Vitali Thermohydraulic has recently obtained the ISO 9001 certification; a guarantee achieving quality results and to search for a mutual satisfaction in customers and suppliers relation ship. The certification is indeed a distinctive feature that enhances the corporate image, lead to new markets, and allowing to bid for tenders for which certification is increasingly more essential.